Love Divine Collections endeavours to bring you more than BEAUTIFUL, VALUE-FOR-MONEY and QUALITY Jewellery. We want you to WEAR that EMPOWERMENT, CONFIDENCE and STYLE that is innate in YOU.

Accumulating decades of experience, our In-House Certified Gemologist spares no effort in hunting down the most reliable craftsman from all over the world to bring in Beautiful and Quality Jewellery for LOVE DIVINE COLLECTIONS. We want to find that Jewellery that resonate with the Personality and Character that YOU have or HOPE to be.  

Although LOVE Divine Collections offers Jewellery set in Sterling Silver (or commonly known as 925 silver) and Synthetic Gemstones, we do accept Customisation Request for Jewellery set in Precious & Semi-Precious Gemstones (Diamonds, Ruby, Sapphire, etc.) and Precious Metals (Gold, White Gold, Platinum, etc.).

Our In-House Certified Gemologist has curated and designed countless Beautiful and Reasonably-Priced Wedding rings, Engagement rings, Anniversary rings, Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets, etc. for friends and customers alike, over the many years. The TRUST and CONFIDENCE gained has transform many Loyal Customers into Good Friends who naturally know who to approach for the next piece of Jewellery for themselves and their Significant Other.

Let Love Divine Collections be your TRUSTED STYLIST in transforming you into a True DIVA!

Be BEAUTIFUL, not only on the Outside, but Inside as well.  Learn more ABOUT US.



Love Divine Collections use only High-End STERLING SILVER, plated with RHODIUM (Platinum family), to retain the LUSTRE and SHINE of the Jewellery for the longest time possible.   

SHELL PEARLS and SYNTHETIC GEMSTONES are often used in the setting of Jewellery by Love Divine Collections.



Shell Pearls are appreciated for their Perfect Uniformity in Shape, Colour and Reflection. Shell pearls are derived either from crushing the residual substances found inside the shell of Mother of Pearl into a fine pearlescent powder to coat on bead nucleus, or from smoothing and rounding the thickest part of the saltwater pearl oyster's shell into Perfect Spheres before being baked in high temperatures to set in any dye colouring and giving a high polish.


Synthetic Gemstones does not mean Fake Gemstones. Instead of growing naturally in the environment, Synthetic Gemstones are grown in laboratories. With the help of chemicals and proper environment, Synthetic Gemstones grow to possess the same chemical and physical characteristics as Natural Gemstones. There are slight differences between Synthetic and Natural Gemstones and not easy to distinguish by non-professionals.

Synthetic Gemstones include Cubic Zirconia (CZ) which resembles Diamonds, Red Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Amehtyst, Opal, Jade, and many more.


Jewellery made out of Sterling Silver is bright and shiny, but it can tarnish due to oxidisation. The oxidisation process can be delayed but it cannot be always prevented.  Even non-tarnish alloy like Germanium and Argentium (which is many folds the price of Sterling Silver) can still tarnish under extreme conditions or with age.

Silver is in the family of Noble Metal because it does not corrode and oxidise like other elements like Nickel or Zinc.

Sterling Silver is an alloy with 92.5% pure silver and the remaining 7.5% is usually copper to increase the sturdiness to be able to craft and add colours to make it into Jewellery.

Fine Silver contains 99.9% pure silver which has more shine but very soft and prone to scratches and dent. For the hefty prices and short life spans of the Jewellery that were made out of Fine Silver, it is not practical for most types of Jewellery.

Do not confuse Sterling Silver with Jewellery sold as “Silver”, “Silver-filled”, “Silver Plated”, “Nickel-Silver”, etc. These are usually low-quality brass base with a thin coating of silver on top which will wears off in no time. They tarnish easily and no amount of polishing can bring the shine back.

Be very cautious with Silver or any other metals from exotic islands as they may contain high levels of toxic content like Lead and Mercury which are harmful to human.



As with everything we possess in our Lifetime, TENDER LOVING CARE (TLC) goes a long way in retaining their Beauty and Lustre for many Generations to come. 

All Jewellery from Love Divine Collections are stored in sturdy boxes lined with tarnish-proof fabric to prevent excessive exposure to air, moisture and abrasion. We also provide complimentary Silver Polishing Cloth for hassle-free maintenance of the Jewellery purchased.

A few tips to share:

  • Sterling Silver are meant to be wore regularly to keep maintenance low.
  • Dry the Sterling Silver immediately after washing to avoid spotting.
  • Spray perfume before putting on the Sterling Silver
  • Do not Soak Sterling Silver in Water or Harsh chemicals as the Rhodium-plating meant to delay tarnishing will wear out faster.
  • Once in a while, give the Sterling Silver a Bath in warm water with mild detergent to remove corrosive elements present in the environment. Dry thoroughly and buff gently with the complimentary Silver Polishing Cloth.


Engraving Services

Items with sufficient space for Engraving will have the Option made available on the Product page. As we understand how a world of difference your personalised note would make, a nominal charge of SGD 20 will apply for each request per item. Please add another 7 - 14 days on top of the usual delivery time for Orders with Engraving requests.


Customisation / Special Requests

Please send in your Wish List through our CONCIERGE BOX.



We repair all items sold by LOVE DIVINE COLLECTIONS at a nominal fee. Please send in your requests through our CONCIERGE BOX.


Exchanges and Returns

Our items are carefully checked to be in excellent condition before packing and bubble-wrapped to ensure safe delivery to your doorsteps. In the unlikely event that the items were Damaged upon receipt, please send in your requests for Recovery Delivery through our CONCIERGE BOX within 7 days upon receipt. If the same items are not available at the point of requests, we will process a Full Refund in your original payment mode within 7 working days from Refund confirmation date.

For Exchanges due to Sizing of Rings or Necklaces, please send in your requests through our CONCIERGE BOX within 7 days upon receipt. If the same items in the preferred sizes are not available, you may exchange for same or higher value items or request for a Full Refund in the form of Love Credits. Love Credits are valid for 30 days from issuance and will be forfeited if not utilised by end of validity period.

For Exchanges due to Change of Mind, we would like to hear from you as well! We want to see if we have something else in our coffers to meet your expectations or if there are any other reasons that you need to seek our understanding on.  Please send in your requests through our CONCIERGE BOX within 3 days upon receipt.



Love Divine Collections want to hear about your Journey and Experience with us. We take every Feedback seriously. Your voices will help us “Better the Best” or “Learn from Mistakes”.

Please send in your Feedback through our CONCIERGE BOX within 10 days upon receipt.

As a token of our Appreciation for your Feedback to help us improve, we will reward every submission with SGD 5 in Love Credits. Love Credits are valid for 30 days from issuance and will be forfeited if not utilised by end of validity period.

Each Order no. will be entitled to one Feedback submission.